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Hygeia offers professional washroom services. We specialise in Sanitary Bins and Waste Disposal solutions, Hand Hygiene, Air Fresheners, Hand Dryers and Paper Dispensers, Toilet Seat Cleaners and Toilet & Urinal Sanitisers.

Sanitary Bins and Waste Disposal solutions

Our hygiene service provides female users with a safe, discreet, easy to use, and hygiene solution offering them complete reassurance whilst using your toilet facilities.

HYGEIA demonstrates the safe management of the health care risk waste. The safe disposal of Sanitary Waste is furthermore essential to ensure your business complies with The Occupational Health & Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and The National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 59 of 2008.

Sanitary waste is disposed of in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner. Our Sanitact Green formulation as well as our bio-degradable sanitary bin liners are focused to reduce carbon footprint, whilst ensuring an anti-bacterial and hygiene sanitary solution is provided.

No Touch sanitary bins. Available in two different sizes to suit your requirements, the bins are designed to fit neatly alongside the toilet, offering added visitor comfort.

A waste transfer certificate is available, which is necessary for your business’ compliance with South African legislation. The sanitary waste disposal service offers peace of mind, and ensures you are providing a professional hygiene service for your female visitors.

Hand Hygiene

Good hand hygiene is the simplest and most effective way of reducing the spread of infectious diseases such as colds, flu and diarrhoea. HYGEIA’s Dispensers has a range of soaps, anitbacterial soap and hand sanitiser

Air Freshener

The use of air fresheners reassures users that your bathroom is clean and cared for, helping to create a positive view of your business.

As judgements are made about the rest of your business from visitors experiences of using your bathroom facilities, the use of air fresheners to control and minimise unpleasant odours is vital.

Hand dryer and Paper Dispenser

Wet hands are a magnet for attracting bacteria, quickly becoming the perfect platform for germs to be transferred from the bathroom to other areas of your business.

Limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses through not only hand washing, but also hand drying is essential to improve hygiene standards and can lead to a reduction of employee absenteeism and improved productivity in the workplace.

Toilet Seat Cleaner

A toilet seat cleaner that improves cleanliness A major fear in bathrooms is the potential of transient bacteria on the toilet seat surfaces. Shared toilet seats can become contaminated with bacteria that may cause infections.

Toilet seat sanitizer provides your users with the facility to sanitize the toilet seat. Toilet seat cleaner is designed to be positioned next to the toilet roll holder in each ubicle.

By simply pushing on the dispenser, the user can dispense the alcohol-based sanitizer onto a sheet of toilet paper to wipe and clean around the toilet seat before use. This helps to improve hygiene confidence and considerably reduce the risk of contamination.

Toilet seat sanitizer can be used on other contact points within the cubicle such as the toilet flush handle and cubicle door handles that are prone to carry bacteria.

Toilet & Urinal Sanitizer

Cleaning Products that improve Urinal and Toilet Hygiene levels by creating a fresh and sanitary environment both above and below the waterline by helping to tackle bacteria, scale and odour in the urinal and toilet bowl.

Our toilet hygiene products include:

  • Toilet and urinal sanitizers that doses sanitizing fluid after each flush ensuring toilet bowls and urinals are consistently kept clean and fresh.
  • Toilet seat sanitizers that dispense an alcohol based solution which can be used to clean the toilet seat before use.

Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet paper is an essential item in any toilet cubicle therefore we offer a wide range of toilet roll holders to suit every type of bathroom cubicle.

From luxury toilet paper dispensers to our economy single ply jumbo toilet paper holder, we ensure your bathroom is always fully supplied and your brand image is continually upheld.

Our range of toilet roll holders are designed to cope with the different levels of bathroom traffic ensuring that there is constant toilet hygiene service being offered.

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