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Cleaning services are not your core business. HYGEIA’s qualified and competent team has made this their core business.

Hygeia has set the industry benchmark through their professionalism at all levels.

Some of our specialised cleaning services includes

  • Carpet deep cleaning
  • Escalator cleaning
  • Event cleaning
  • High access cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning & deep cleaning
  • Site cleaning on existing and new developments
  • Stadium cleaning
  • Specialised floor cleaning, including marble and granite
  • Stripping and floor sealing
  • Car/Truck wash
  • Warehouse and distribution centre cleaning
  • High level window cleaning
  • Once off deep cleaning including walls, floors and sanitary ware

HYGEIA offers you a full range of professional contract cleaning service at all difficulty levels, this includes specialised cleaning; hygiene equipment; as well as labour outsourcing at a competitive contract rate that will fit your budget.

Dismissing your own employee is a hazardous task. HYGEIA have teamed up with SEESA, who are our Labour lawyers, this enables us to tackle any legal situation which may arise.

So why even consider employing your own staff, when you have a legal team on your side at no extra cost.

You will have immaculately cleaned and well maintained facilities at all times.

We use only the best hygiene and healthcare products to ensure a consistently pleasant experience for you, your employees and your clients.

The Cleaning staff will be professionally trained, and experienced to handle all cleaning needs that may arise.

Hygeia Daily Cleaning Solutions is compliant with regulations:

  • All Colour Coded items for HACCP compliance
  • Cleaning equipment will be colour coded and allocated to designated areas.
  • All our chemicals are ISO 9000 accredited.
  • Data sheets for the chemicals that we will be using will be provided.
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